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Governor Sindh lost Another Authority

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail lost another authority and the appointment of the provincial Ombudsman was given to the chief minister.

The Speaker Sindh Assembly has issued a notification approving the amendment bill regarding the authorization of the Chief Minister.

After the notification, the Chief Minister has been entrusted with the appointment of the Ombudsman in Sindh.

According to the notification, Governor Sindh did not respond even after 10 days on the amendment bill which led to the approval of the bill and the amendment act should be issued immediately.

It may be recalled that the amendment bill for the appointment of the Provincial Ombudsman was passed by the Sindh Assembly in recent days but the bill was objected by Governor Sindh.

After the Governor’s objection, the bill was once again approved by the Sindh Assembly, after which it was not approved within a fixed period.

It may be recalled that Sindh Governor Imran Ismail is present while Pakistan Peoples Party is ruling in the province.

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