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Islamabad faces acute water shortage

Islamabad has been facing acute water shortage from past Few days.

Assistant special To Prime Minister Imran khan, Ali Awan got angry in parliment house on the worst water situation in Islamabad.He Said a person died in G-10 Islamabad and due to the shortage of water, mineral water was used to give bath to his dead body.

He Said there is no water in areas like G-7, G-8, I-10,G-10 and G-13. The previous governments have just Talked but did no practical implementations regarding such issues, Ali Awan Said.

According to the news reports, Ali Awan has Claimed that mayor Islamabad belongs to PMLN, he has the fund of 2 crore rs but he has not given pays to the CDA employees from past 4 months.

The New Project of Bringing water to Islamabad from Ghazi Barotha  has not been started from the past 15 years.

Due to the shortage of water, mineral water was used to give bath to the dead body, and many other incidents are coming into knowledge due to the lack of water and people are facing alot of Problems due to the unavailibility of water.

Opposition leader on Ali awan’s statement replied that “Your are currently in the government and instead of complaining you should take action”.

According to the residents of Islamabad, ” Water department has water for providing Private and Government tankers to the residents in return of money but they don’t have water to supply in the houses,the water bills have increased 100% but there has been no water to use for past 5 days.



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