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Supreme Court summons Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed tomorrow

Islamabad: Supreme Court summoned Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed yesterday in railway deficit case.

According to the details, a case related to railway deficit was heard in the Supreme Court under the chairmanship of Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed.That means 75 thousand of a million recovery disappears.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan said billions of rupees were being lost, audit report claimed, railway system was not running.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that railway station has no track and no signal system, there is nothing more corrupt than railway in Pakistan, nothing is running properly in railway, we are still running 18th century railway in Pakistan.

Advocate Railway said that the case was prosecuted and proceeded against two people, whom the Chief Justice expressed graciously, throwing away the stove in his inquiry, why the CEO of Pakistan Railways did not present.

On which the lawyer said that the former CEO  has been given a notice,  the Chief Justice said that the main case is that the present CEO should be involved, call his CEO, where are they?

The Supreme Court summoned CEO and Secretary Railway, including Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed, to the Supreme Court yesterday and adjourned the hearing.

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