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Israel allows citizens to visit Saudi Arabia

Israel officially gives its citizens permission to travel to Saudi Arabia.

According to US media, the Israeli Interior Ministry has announced permission to visit Saudi Arabia. The US media added that the Israeli Interior Ministry has signed a permit in this regard. Israeli citizens will also be able to visit Saudi Arabia’s business and religious sites.

Saudi government is taking strong steps to improve the tourism sector in the country. In this regard, social reforms have also been made so that Western tourists, especially in the past, have the least sense of sanctions and restrictions. For this reason, the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia has grown tremendously within the last two years.

It can be estimated that in the last quarter of last year, three and a half million tourist visas were issued. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now become the focus of tourist attractions around the world. This was stated by the Saudi Department of Tourism and National Heritage Head Ahmad al-Khatib at a World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

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