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Cotton crisis started, production at the lowest level

The country’s record low cotton production, the largest source of employment and export, has caused disturbance among the exporters.

Pakistan’s largest export textiles but its raw material cotton has a bad condition and due to lack of focus on cotton seeds, countries like India have surpassed Pakistan in cotton production.

The government’s goals were that Pakistan should earn a huge foreign exchange with Cotton Export so that a program like the World Monetary Fund (IMF) was not needed, but mere ignorance of the seeds has became the reason of loss to the country.

According to textile experts, Pakistan will have to import about 5 million bales this year, the agricultural country will have to spend $ 1 billion in a few months in this purchase, which is more than the annual assistance received by the IMF.

Experts say that the mere fact that the weather is the reason for the decline in production, the Pakistani seed has become productively weak and has not been paid attention to.

India’s cotton production per acre was less than Pakistan in 1947 and Pakistan India’s production was equal  20 years ago, while India’s output this year has increased by more than 400% from Pakistan. Pakistan is buying more than IMF annual fund from the global market.

Keep in mind that the wheat crisis is in the country has started, while the sugar crisis is also rising.



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