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PM takes notice, directs grand operation to tackle flour crisis

At the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government decided a major operation to tackle the flour crisis.

The chief secretaries, chief commissioners, deputy commissioners of all the four provinces have been directed to take immediate action and have been asked to arrest the warehouses, sellers of the expensive flour and seal the warehouse.

The Prime Minister’s Office in its instructions said that the officers should take action in their area and report in 24 hours. The flour shortage, the expensive flour where the sale is made will be accountable to the administration.

Government spokesman Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the Prime Minister has taken steps to stabilize the flour prices, timely measures will bring down the price of flour.

He said that action has been taken against flour mills for refusing, it has been decided to deal with the people who have been disrupting the supply of flour, wheat.

Flour reserves across the country were finished, assurances made to the Prime Minister proved to be a lie and the price of flour per kilo was increased by Rs 10 in a single day while the bread also became expensive.

Sheikh Rasheed pointed out repeatedly at last year’s meetings of the Federal Cabinet, but no one listened. Where did the flour reserves go? Who has been making false statements? Why was the Punjab government reporting all the good? Is the crisis real or made? Who made the people suffer from this new situation? Will the responsibilities be determined?

There has been severe crisis of flour and bread has become expensive all over the country especially in Punjab.

Sources point out that many meetings of the Federal Cabinet held late last year highlighted the crisis in flour.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed even warned that railway warehouses are rapidly evacuating but it was also ignored.

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