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Judge suspended on Assaulting a Girl who did Love Marriage

In Sehwan, the girl who was marrying a loved one was brutally assaulted by Judicial Magistrate Imtiaz Hussain Bhutto on pretending for writing a statement.

Salma Brohi and Nisar escaped from a house in Shahadat Kot for a festive wedding at a guest house in Sehwan, where the girl’s family arrived in Sehwan on January 13 and arrested both.

When the matter reached the police, the police took the girl to the chamber of senior judicial magistrate Imtiaz Bhutto for a statement.

According to sources, the lady police and the staff were taken out of court saying that the girl’s statement was to be taken.

The judge asked the girl whether she wanted to go with her parents or with her husband? On which the girl agreed to go with her husband.

According to the report, the judge allegedly abused the girl in her chamber, taking advantage of the scared girl.

On the complaint of the victim, Sehwan police lodged a medical examination at Abdullah Shah Institute where the the abuse with the girl was proved.

A judicial chamber has a rift, following an assault of a girl who came for justice.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh took notice of the incident and ordered an inquiry, on which the Sessions Judge confirmed the incident in the inquiry report and immediately recommended action against the Judicial Magistrate.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court suspended Judicial Magistrate Imtiaz Hussain Bhutto and directed him to report to Sindh High Court.

According to the Sindh High Court, Imtiaz Bhutto has been suspended on the basis of misconduct.

There is intense pressure not to make the report public, but a senior police officer said that a senior judge of the court conducted the inquiry through a session judge who also sent the report confirming the incident.

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