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Firdous Symbolic Donation Stirs Controversy

Recently on saturday minister of information and broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan participated in a campaign to spread awareness among people to help the thalassaemia patients by donating blood.As we all know that PTI government has a very bad luck in regards to involvement in different controversies. So we could say that it spark the internet when it is noticed that the bottle for blood just filled in 5 minutes.

Everyone shocked to see that but after that they all came to know that she faked this to create awareness by the way.We know we are all very ashamed of that but as expected from these ministers that they always defend themselves even if they are guilty.

Here are the golden words by Dr Awan in her tweet

“I have donated blood to the Sundas Foundation 22 times in the past, in addition to today’s one,” APP quoted Dr Awan as having said. “It is nothing short of a reward if someone’s blood saves anyone’s life,” she said and added that Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated social work a lot.

“Sundas Foundation was launching an awareness campaign for blood donation for children suffering from thalassaemia and the media coverage was a part of it. Presenting the footage and pictures of the event in a misleading way on certain sections of mainstream and social media is condemnable,” she later tweeted.

We only pray for a better future for Pakistan but there is a very lack of maturity seen in the present government in different issues.They should have to take steps to improve their performance and to serve this nation in a better way

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