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Jahangir Tareen has been given the task of persuading angry workers of PML-N.

پنجاب میں حکومت اتحادیوں کے تحفظات سے پریشانن لیگ کے ناراض ارکان سے رابطوں کا فیصلہ

Gepostet von 92 News HD Plus am Samstag, 18. Januar 2020

PTI government in Punjab is also facing alot of trouble from their allies.

For sustaining government in Punjab PTI need more members to get rid of their allies tension.
Jahangeer Tareen has been given the task to persuade angry members of PML-N to sustain their government.
Punjab government’s allies are not satisfied from government, especially PML-Q and are raising objections every other day.

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