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Imtiaz Sheikh accused of patronizing criminals

Provincial minister Imtiaz Shaikh has been accused of patronizing criminals for suppressing political opponents in the Port of SSP Shikarpur.

The SSP’s report on criminal elements in Shikarpur alleged that the chiefs and influential politicians responsible for destroying the law and order was the Provincial Minister, Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh, the patron of the criminals.

The report states that Imtiaz Shaikh uses the Criminal Wing to suppress political opponents; he has killed the son of anti-political Shahnawaz Brohi with the help of criminals.

The police report also states that Imtiaz Shaikh has been appointed by like-minded officers in key positions in the police, which has failed due to several police intelligence operations leaking information.

The report also includes a record of telephonic conversations with Imtiaz Shaikh’s brother Maqbool Sheikh and son Faraz Sheikh’s criminal elements. In addition, the report also records the contact between Imtiaz Shaikh and criminals.

The report of SSP Shikarpur said that there were frequent contact between Imtiaz Shaikh and Criminal Attoo Sheikh.

Police also recommended action against Imtiaz Shaikh, his son Faraz Sheikh and brother Maqbool Sheikh, the report said.

On the other hand, the provincial minister Imtiaz Sheikh has said in his response that he will take action after legal consultation and will ask for a record of the charges against us.

Imtiaz Shaikh says if any report from any police officer from Shikarpur against me, tell me, if I was a criminal, the people would not select me.

He said that Shikarpur district is famous for petrol theft, we havepointed it out and we have been made worse, we will not leave the matter and will bring it to logical conclusion.

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