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12 years old girl rescued from Snow in AJK

A 12-year-old girl who was trapped for 18 hours in a snowstorm in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, was rescued alive.

In Azad Kashmir, two days ago, the number of people killed by snowfall in which death toll has risen to 76 while several people were injured and houses were also damaged.

12-year-old Samina is one of the lucky people to survive after being trapped under the ice for 18 hours.

Samina is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Muzaffarabad where she said I thought I would die there because I couldn’t sleep while waiting for rescue, my leg was broken and blood was flowing from my mouth.

Samina’s mother, Shahnaz Bibi, had given up hope of returning her daughter to life because she had already lost her son and daughter, but Samina’s survival was nothing short of a miracle for her.

The mother said the snowstorm destroyed the three-story building and all of it was blinking, the whole house was covered in snow, but no cries were heard before the accident. About 18 people lost their lives in the crash.

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