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Weather in Kashmir is intensifying, connections lost

Due to severe winter and snowfall in Pakistan-administered Kashmir this winter, most of the villages of Neelum district have lost ground contact with Muzaffarabad and other areas.

Severe snowfall has led to avalanches in several places, killing more than 64 people in the Neelam district so far. In addition, the death toll in Balochistan has increased to 20.

Shahid Mehmood, deputy commissioner of Neelam district, told the reporter news that several villages in Neelam had been hit by heavy snowfall, which had lost most of their land contact.

Manzoor Mir, a Rescue 1122 team traveling from Muzaffarabad to Neelam, told the news over the telephone that his team had been stuck in snow. Vehicles are stuck in snow and can’t move forward.

We have rescue equipment and ambulances, but we can’t go any further. Snow is heavy. We rescued several people along the way even when we got here. Along with locals’ vehicles, tourists were found stranded on the streets.

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