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The oranges production was massive this year

The average citizen of Pakistan may not look any happier this winter, but this year in Pakistan, this season has become good news for Khazar Hayat hailing from Sargodha district of Punjab.

Khazar Hayat, owner of keeno Gardens, spread over 130 acres while talking to BBC Urdu and said, “This year, the keeno has grown a lot. I’m happy too and our other landlords are happy too. It looks like the conditions of ten, twelve years ago have returned. ‘

According to him, ‘Last year too the crop was good and our total fruit was 25 thousand manas. This year, we have given a contract of Rs. 100 million and it is estimated that there will be 28-30-30 thousand fruits.

According to Dr. Basharat Ali Saleem, Head of Horticulture Extension, Department of Agriculture, Sargodha, this year oranges production has gone very well.

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