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Court rejects Adil Zaman Plea For Bail in Anchor Mureed Abas Murder Case.

اینکر مرید عباس قتل کیس میں بڑی پیشرفت

Gepostet von GNN am Dienstag, 14. Januar 2020

The high court has rejected the bail plea of Atif Zaman in anchor Mureed Abbas murder case.
The honorable remarks observed that culprit Adil Zaman is involved in the killing of Anchor Mureed Abas with his brother, Atif Zaman, which is why court can’t grant bail.

Advocate Jibran Nasir said that the pistol used in killing of Mureed Abas belongs to Adil Zaman and at the time of murder he was also there with his brother Atif Zaman.

Court directed the culprit, Atif Zaman, to present his lawyer before the court upon next hearing.

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