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Child Died In Pims Hospital Due To The Unavailability of Blood

Faizan a  1-year 3 months old child suffering from thalassemia at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) four days ago, died due to a delay in getting blood and a low hemoglobin.

Faizan, a 1-year 3 months old boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was brought to Pims in Islamabad on the morning of January 7, the child was suffering from thalassemia.

The child’s mother wandered for a bottle of blood for 3 hours, but no hearing was made and the baby died before getting the blood.

According to hospital authorities, the child’s parents arrived late and his hemoglobin was also 2 which made it impossible to survive, but the administration received blood samples and the blood was provided with in 40 minutes at least. However, even before the arrival of the mother with the blood, the baby had lost her life.

According to sources, the hospital administration investigated the video after the case went viral and a preliminary inquiry revealed that parents were feared by the locals that after getting the blood child would be dead.

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