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The First Full Lunar Eclipse of the New Year

The lunar eclipse is happening today in the first month of the new year, experts have named the eclipse as ‘Wolf Moon’.

In Pakistan, the first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 has begun, which will last till 2:12 am. The eclipse will be at its peak on January 11 at 1: 10 am.

This year’s first lunar eclipse is being seen in most countries of the world, including Pakistan.

Experts call this full eclipse the Wolf Moon. Lunar eclipses can also be seen in Asia, Europe, and most of Africa, including Australia.

There will be 2 lunar eclipses in the year 2020, the first lunar eclipse will be between 10 and 11 January and the second lunar eclipse between 5 and 6 June, while the first solar eclipse of the year will be on June 21, which will also be visible in Pakistan. ۔

Remember that last year’s eclipse took place on December 26, which was observed all over the world and lasted for six hours.

The strongest eclipse was named by the experts as the Ring of Fire.

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