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Goods transporters Halts transportation of Karachi Port.

کراچی بندرگاہوں سے درآمدی اور برآمدی سامان کی ترسیل جزوی طور پر معطل

Gepostet von GNN am Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2020

The protest of Goods transporters enter into forth day of its nationwide protest.

Goods transporters claimed that import and export from both Ports of Karachi has been blocked and all of the big vehicles stand in their respective stop stand as a protest.

Goods transporters threaten government, that if there demands were not taken seriously then Oil tankers transporters will also join us and will stop the transportation of Oil.

Because of the protest medicine transportation has been also affected and medicine factories owners are in trouble.

Transporters are observing nationwide protest because of high fine by motorways and highways authorities and also demanded the abrogation of route permit and license renewal.

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