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Trump warns Iran of more restrictions along with peace deal

US President Donald Trump addressed a key press conference in the White House after Iran’s missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq, in which he said at the beginning that we will not allow Iran to make nuclear bomb.

Highlights of the address of the US President

The Iranian attack did not harm any Americans and only minor damage to the building where US forces are located.

It seems that Iran is withdrawing, which is a good thing for the world.
As long as I am the president of the United States, Iran can never make a nuclear weapon.

Referring to the attack on US military bases in Iraq, Donald Trump said it was a pleasure for the American people that no one was injured in the attack by Iran, all of our soldiers were safe, but the airbase suffered minor damage.

According to Donald Trump, Iran has not only made the region unstable, but also in its own country, Iran has imposed harsh and oppressive control on its people.

‘Qasim Sulaimani was busy planning further attacks on the United States but we withheld him.

He said Qasim Sulaimani was responsible for the killing of several people and trained several militant groups, including Hezbollah, to destabilize the region and carry out terrorist attacks on civilians.

According to Trump, Qasim Sulaimani provided fuel to the bloody civil war in the region and killed and injured thousands of US troops.

He added that Qasim Sulaimani had ordered an attack on the Americans in Iraq in the past, in which 4 US soldiers were seriously injured while one American was killed and General Qasim also planned to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad.

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