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Mohammed bin Zayed’s Announcement after fire in Australia’s forests

Dubai: Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, of Abu Dhabi, the crown prince of United Arab Emirates, pledged grief over the loss  and damage to Australian forests due to the fire.

Sheikh Zayed bin Al Nahyan, the supreme commander of Abu Dhabi’s and the Armed Forces, expressed  grief over the Australia’s fire and the resultant loss of lives and animals on the social networking site Twitter .

The United Arab Emirates will provide all possible measures for rescue and rehabilitation of victims, he wrote. Sheikh Zayed said, “I had a telephone conversation with the Australian Prime Minister in which he informed about all matters.”

Abu Dhabi’s crown prince assured the Prime Minister that the United Arab Emirates’s state and citizens will be more involved in relief activities.

It is to be remembered that since December 30, thousands of acres of forest have been set on fire in Australia, which could not be controlled yet.

The intensity of the forest fires is so intense that the flames are talking from the sky. Two days ago, local Muslims also arranged a prayer for rain, after which the rain started in the forested areas.


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