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Nankana Sahb Incident Was Misrepresented in International Media: Interior Minister

ننکانہ صاحب واقعی ملکی سالمیت کے خلاف سازش ہے، واقعے کو عالمی میڈیا میں توڑ مروڑ کر پیش کیا گیا۔#ARYNews

Gepostet von ARY News am Montag, 6. Januar 2020

The incident of Nankana Sahib was heinous act of enemies to demoralized integrity of Our country: Interior Minister IJaz Ahmad Shah.

Talking to media Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah says that the incident took place in Nankana Sahib was presented by international media in the shadow of falsehood.

PM of Pakistan and Our sympathy is with Sikh community and we will not leave the culprits as the case is already filed against them and are also arrested and investigation is ongoing.

Ministry of Interior Affairs rejected the propaganda of profanation of Holly Place by Indian media.

Talking to Ary News Sikh Leader Mahender Singh Pal says that the indian media is just spreading propaganda and are completely based on falsehood. Only small protest took place in front of the Gurdwara and only on man uttered some harsh words.

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