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USA and Iranian Embassies Security Beefed Up in Sindh

ایران اور امریکا کے درمیان کشیدگی، محکمہ داخلہ سندھ نے سکیورٹی جاری کردیا۔۔

Gepostet von GNN am Samstag, 4. Januar 2020

Interior Department of Sindh ordered to increase the Security of Iran and America embassy as the escalation raised.

Afrer the increasing  tension between Iran and America,an old rival, Interior Department of Government Sindh issued security alert and sent a security letter to IG Sindh and to all other districts Commissioners. It was ordered that the security of both countries’ embassy and their citizens should be increased.

On the other hand, because of today’s rally the security of Red Zone has been tightened and put on high alert while an alternative traffic plan has been issued.

It is expected that the tension between both rival would be increased as Iran vow to take revenge after killing of Solemani,their top commander.

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