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15 Pakistani natives succeeded on their seats in British Elections

15 Pakistani-born candidates were also successful in the UK general election.

The most important of them is Sajid Javed, who was elected on the Conservative Party ticket from the Broomes Grove constituency.

Nusrat Ghani from Azad Kashmir won the Weldon constituency on a Conservative party ticket.

Imran Nasir Khan, a native of Pakistan, won on the Conservative Party ticket from Wakefield. No Conservative candidate has ever worked in this constituency in the last 90 years, but Imran Nasir Khan has made history.

Rehman Chishti from the Gunningham & Rainham constituency was re-elected on the Conservative Party ticket, while Saqib Bhatti from Meridian constituency won on the Conservative party ticket.

Naz Shah has been selected from the Bradford West constituency on Labor Party tickets. Born in Azad Kashmir, Khalid Mahmood was elected to the Birmingham Perry Bar constituency on a Labor Party ticket.

Yasmin Qureshi, born in Gujarat city, won the Labor Party ticket, Pakistan-born Mohammad Afzal Khan won from North West England on the Labor Party ticket.

Mirpur Yasin, born in Birmingham Hall Green constituency Tahir Ali won on Labor Party ticket, was elected from Bradford constituency, Imran Hussain works on Labor party ticket from Bradford East constituency.

From the Coventry South constituency, the Labor Party gave a ticket to Zara Sultana, who was successful. Shabana Mehmood from the Birmingham Ladywood constituency won on the Labor Party ticket.

Alan Khan won the Labor Party ticket from the Tooting constituency, which is the same constituency from which London’s mayor Sadiq Khan won.

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