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Only 27 Bills Passed by Punjab Assembly this year

It is very uncertain to know that only 27 Bills Passed by Punjab Assembly this year. The process of legislation suffered a lot by its members due to their absence. During this year’s meetings of the Punjab Assembly, the legislative process was slow and only 27 bills were approved. Due to the disappearance of several members from the Punjab Assembly, the meeting was being burned due to which the legislative process was affected.

The meeting, which was held for 99 days, had a total of 72 seats. During the current year, only 27 government bills were passed in the Punjab Assembly meetings while only one private bill was passed, including the bill to increase the salaries of the members of the Punjab Assembly. During this year, 75 motions were submitted, of which 17 appeared and 15 were given to committees. During this year, 750 motions were submitted, of which 400 were dealt with.

During the current year, 980 contracts were submitted, out of which 311 appeared in the House and only 35 passed. This year, 1523 questions were presented in the House of Punjab Assembly while 1003 answers were given, but short notice question was submitted only one which was not allowed to be presented in the House. During this year, 255 attention notes were collected, of which 201 appeared in the House and only 60 were answered. This year, 233 Zero Over Notices were submitted, 165 of them appeared in the House and only 39 were answered.


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