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3 Dead Including A Woman Due To Lawyer’s Attack On PIC Lahore.

Lawyers broke into the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), and doctors were tortured.

Lawyers in Lahore went out of their way, got out on bullying, attacked the heart hospital for doctors’ viral video and did not even care for the patients.

Removed obstacles and entered the hospital, damaged vehicles parked on the way, smashed emergency glasses, fired bricks from outside the hospital, opened fire on police mobiles outside.

Information Minister Faiz-ul-Hassan Chauhan did not spare, tortured, rained on the visitors, families of patients were hit, doctors were also beaten, lawyers fired airs, journalists were not released. Ahmed Faraz, a reporter for, was also tortured by a lawyer who closed nearby shops at the insistence of arms.

A video has also surfaced of lawyers breaking into the PIC and torturing doctors.

As can be seen in the video, many lawyers protesting outside the Punjab Institute of Cardiology are entering the hospital by opening the gate of the hospital and breaking into the emergency wards.

Lawyers also broke glasses of cars  parked in the hospital premises.

The lawyer’s attack caused panic among the patients under treatment in the hospital and left them scared and harrased,  several patients with drips came out of the ward.

A young boy from Mughalpura said that his mother Gulshan Bibi passed away due to the situation at the hospital.

Saqib Shafi, chief executive of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, told Media that two patients admitted in the hospital died due to to the situation happened in the hospital by lawyers.

The brother of a patient at the hospital said, “My brother’s heart surgery is undergoing. What are the lawyers doing?

Relative of another patient reported that the he was going to take medicines during which the lawyers tortured him.

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