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Hammad Azhar and Russian Trade Minister joint press conference

According to details, the sixth meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission was held between Pakistan and Russia. The Minister of Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar and the Russian Trade Minister jointly chaired the session.

Addressing the meeting, Minister for Economic Affairs Hamad Azhar said that Pakistan attaches great importance to relations with Russia. Thanks to Russia’s cooperation in the SCO membership process. Hamad Azhar said increasing bilateral exchanges would strengthen bilateral relations. The new chapter in Pakistan-Russia relations has started. The two countries have recently resolved trade disputes.

“There are opportunities for cooperation in bilateral trade relations and public relations,” he said. Pakistan joins 10 of the best countries on a conducive business environment. Modis has negatively stabilized Pakistan’s economic rankings. Global financial institutions acknowledge the improvement in the economic situation. Successful policies have overcome trade and current account deficits.

At the meeting, the Russian Trade Minister said that relations with Pakistan are very important. Pakistan is a trusted partner of Russia. Effective financial markets will strengthen business relationships. Russia is Interested in gas pipeline and geological survey capabilities. We will look for opportunities to enhance professional training.

He said that he would increase cooperation in the industrial sector, including aviation, and would like to increase cooperation in the local manufacture of railway infrastructure and rail. There are paid opportunities to promote collaboration in vehicle manufacturing. Pakistan Steel Mills were built with the help of Russian experts. Pakistan will cooperate to restore steel and increase production capacity.

The Russian Trade minister said that Russia specializes in the manufacture of modern medicine and bio-machinery. Russian companies can supply biotechnology products.

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