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New Changes In WhatsApp Calling Feature

The well-known messaging and calling app WhatsApp has taken a number of amazing steps this year to protect and facilitate consumers.

Now with the new features of Messaging Privacy, Fingerprint Lock and other features, the WhatsApp has recently made a new change to the app’s calling feature for Android and iOS users.

This new feature is called ‘call waiting’. With this feature, if users are talking on a call on WhatsApp, then they will be able to receive the call if they get another call, This feature was not previously available in the WhatsApp application.

The call waiting feature will also let users know who the other caller is, and if they want to receive the call, they can.

While this feature is considered the best, it lacks one thing.

The drawback is that when you answer the second call while talking on the new call, your connection will be disconnected from the first call and when you will end the  second call, the person from the first call will be connected to you again.

This feature does not include a call-holding option, which is why taking the other person’s call will disconnect the first call.


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