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PM Imran Khan inspirational speech at NUST

PM Imran Khan while inauguration of first science and technology park at NUST said that whoever had become the great man to date is due to his hard work. Bill Gates is a great man. He made a lot of money by his ability, Bill Gates consumes less money on himself and spends more money on other relief work.

PM Imran Khan said that always listen to your heart and madness is only in your heart. If there is competition of talent and madness, then madness will win. He added that when you burn all the boats, there is no plan B and there is no shortcut in life. The person who succeeds manages himself at a bad time and unless you give up Nobody can beat you.

The Prime Minister said that every bad time makes you ready to go up, people get old when they retire, they become white haired. I also end up talking about others like cricket and earn crores of rupees a year. He said that the monarchy could never face democracy. We had the monarchy, the countries where democracy exists are far ahead.

He said that in the societies that are left behind, the merit ends, and for the next four years I will keep reminding about what kind of Pakistan we were given.

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