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Fatima Sohail contacted the FIA ​​against the “Inappropriate Leaked Video”

LAHORE: Fatima Sohail, the ex-wife of actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider, has made a formal request to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate the ” leaked video” Allegd.

People are blaming Fatima Sohail on a leaked video circulating on the social networking site WhatsApp, which she strongly denies.

Most Twitter users have cited this leaked video as a result of Fatima Sohail’s plea for domestic violence against her ex-husband, while many have expressed sympathy.

On Friday night, Sohail Fatima on his Instagram account falsified the leaked video, saying he had asked the FIA ​​to investigate the matter.

She wrote: ‘Nowadays, an inappropriate leaked video circulating  and accusing to me on social media with which I have nothing to do. Surprisingly, I have nothing to do with the woman in the video. I contacted the FIA ​​to investigate this video, which forensic reports prove that the woman in the video was someone else. ‘

Fatima Sohail added that we are investigating and will soon tell who leaked the fake video to discredit me.

Referring to the FIA’s application on his Instagram account, she wrote that I was surprised to think that anyone could fall down that way. Such people should be taught a lesson so that they can think a hundred times before defaming someone.

Fatima Sohail praised the FIA ​​for assisting in the investigation and wrote, “Thank God we have an organization like the Cyber ​​Crime Wing,  without which  I couldn’t do what I can to verify my claims.”

Famous actor and producer Yasir nawaz Also shared a video message on social media supporting fatima sohail and falsified the leaked video and said its a propaganda to defame Fatima sohail.

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