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Identity of Pakistan has been changed

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the identity of Pakistan has changed in the world, we will now play our role in unifying Muslim Ummah.

He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Digital Pakistan Vision in Islamabad.

In his address, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed to Tania, who presented the Digital Pakistan project, he appreciated Tania that she had made the big decision to quit Google job and come to Pakistan.

He said that there are the ones who go on to make big decisions and face challenges, while there  those too who do not face challenges and lose their ability to go up and get older and when these challenges are over man ultimately gets old.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that you will continue to hear from us for the next five years how many losses we have received from the previous  government.

He also said that when the government was found, there was no institution that was not in record deficit.

Continuing on his point, he also said that there was pressure on our rupee which was due to the fact that the dollar was low in the country while its overseas shipments were high.

He said when the rupee was under pressure and the value of the currency began to decline, the previous governments used the dollar from the exchange reserves to maintain the pressure intact.

The Prime Minister said that the present government did not have the money to curb the value of the rupee, but the government had decided on its own.

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