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Former banker Holding 9 MA degrees forced to live in a car

Azra Apa, a former banker with 9 Masters degrees and several bank courses in Lahore, is forced to live in a car instead of living with the pleasures of life.

Azra belongs to a wealthy family in Karachi but has been based in Lahore since the bank’s termination in London.

Azra held a high office in a London bank, but when the bank closed, she had to give up on her two farmhouses, homes and even vehicles.

Later, when she came to Lahore, she opened a boutique in which she had faced fraud and was unable to handle and were left stranded. Now Azra is forced to live in a car on the road.

Azra explains, “My house in Pakistan was very big and it belonged to my mother. She advised me to give it in the name of Abdul Sattar Edhi when she died. Because I had so much property in London myself, my property was also confiscated when the bank closed. ‘

“I am hopeful that I will get out of this situation because I am proud of myself and I am not affected by people’s status and money,” she added.

Azra Apa says the Kent polo ground was built by her grandfather while she has also attended the wedding of Benazir Bhutto, Jemima and Imran Khan.

She said that she has traveled to most of the countries and also met former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Regarding Azra, her former employer Naseem Bibi said that her former mistress is a true, wise and self-made woman.

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