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Sealing Shehbaz Sharif’s legal property is unlawful act of government

Ahsan Iqbal, the general secretary of the opposition party Muslim League-N, has said that it is unlawful to seal property which Shahbaz Sharif owns legally.

Talking to media, Ahsan Iqbal said that Model Town property was inherited by Shahbaz Sharif, which is also a declared property .

He said that he suspects the intention of the government, the government was playing with the notice of the army chief, it would have dealt seriously with the opposition if it was serious.

PML N general secretary said the government wants to confront the opposition and raise the political temperature in the country.

He said the government was playing a dangerous game with national institutions; it wanted to sabotage the Supreme Court’s decision on the issue of army chief.

Ahsan Iqbal that government can’t prove any allegation against PML N on corruption.

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