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Important revelations in Dua Mangi Abduction Case

Police have recorded the statements of 22 persons, including boys and girls of their group, in connection with the kidnapping of a law student from Karachi Defense area, while investigations revealed that Dua Mangi’s sister was also present on the location.

The suspects abducted a young girl on Saturday night in Karachi’s Posh area.

The CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced where it can be seen that the abducted girl and the injured Harris are walking away and the accused opened fire as they both walked down the street.

According to the police, the investigation is moving forward with important information, while the investigating team has made the hotel “Master Chaye” located in Bukhari a center of inquiry for this important case.

It is to be remembered that such hotels in  Bukhari and Surf area of ​​Defense Phase 6, have become popular for sitting in teenage boys and girls.

According to police sources, statements of all others including chaye master’s waiters, security guards and other employees were recorded.

Another revelation in this regard is that Dua’s elder sister was also present at the same hotel with her friend at the time of the incident.

According to the sister, Dua and Harris got up to talk and walked around after that they  heard a gunshot.

The statements also revealed that the abducted Dua had been sitting at Chaye Master with friends periodically for several months, but for the last four to five days she had been sitting for a sustained and prolonged period.

Police have also arrested three boys from the meeting for further investigative assistance following statements by police.

According to police sources, a suspicious vehicle, such as the car of the accused, was seen in CCTV footage of the area before and after the incident, but further investigation is ongoing.

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