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If You quit Sugar For the 7 Days What will happen to your body.

In this small world we are too much dependent on this sugar. Sugar is considered to be as white poison as it would play a great role in damaging our vital organs including heart and kidneys etc.

In the video it is shown the involvement of sugar in our lives. We don’t even care that we are consuming a lot of sugar in different ways in our daily lives.

Eating sugar gives your brain a huge surge of a feel-good chemical called dopamine, which explains why you’re more likely to crave a candy bar at 3 p.m. than an apple or a carrot and then your body be addicted to take more and more sugar.

If you let all kind of sugar out from your lifestyle just for 10 days it would result in losing upto 2 kgs.The more intake will also risks more and more heart attack at early ages. In in video it is explained very clearly.

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