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PTI suspends Hamid Khan’s Party Membership

PTI has suspended the primary membership of prominent lawmaker, Hamid Khan. According to the details, PTI took action against its main member and senior lawyer Supreme Court Advocate Hamid Khan suspended his party membership. Hamid khan has been accused of defaming the party through false pretenses. He has been issued show-cause notice on anti-party statements.

According to sources, a showcase notice was issued to Hamid Khan on the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Hamid Khan has been issued a show-cause notice by PTI Central Secretary-General Amir Kayani. In the charge sheet, PTI said that Hamid Khan made false accusations against the party in the media, which damaged the reputation of the party.

The notice states that Hamid Khan made fabricated statements in electronic print media and would be expelled from the party if he did not respond. According to the notice, party discipline was violated by accusations against party chairman.

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