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Disrespect to Men shown in Student Solidarity March

A handful of liberals collaborates with each other while previously working for PTM now develop a campaign of restoration of student unions at university level. While wearing red dresses,caps costumes they are representing that their anti state agenda.Unions played an important in early politics of Pakistan but later on it became too politicized that it resulted in severe conflicts that would lead bloodshed so that Gen Zia ul Haq banned the student unions at universities.

All the anti state liberals including Jibraan Nasir,Gul Bukhari etc supported this march that mark it as an controversial act.While there are also some arguments that should be addressed but in my opinion student unions if restored it should have to be regularized to work for the welfare of students.Meanwhile during march some immature feminism shown here by disrespecting men.

It is a very immature representation of their mindset in this respect but we expect that everything that happens would be in favour of our country.

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