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Terrorist Incident near London Bridge, Attacker killed

A terrorist incident took place near London Bridge in the British capital, in which a knife-wielding man attacked people, but the attacker was killed by police firing.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Agency, London police have termed the incident as terrorism.

“We are now in a position to confirm that this was a terrorist case in which a knife-wielding man attacked people,” Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said in his statement.

“The attacker also had a fake explosive device and was killed by armed officers,” he added.

According to British media reports, the London Bridge and adjoining roads were closed for some time after the shooting, while the Bridge Metro station was also closed.

Initially, reports came out that some people were quarreling at the London Bridge, which saw police reach the scene and then fired.

Metropolitan Police say a knife-wielding man was attacking on the London Bridge and some people surrounded the attacker.

Five people were also injured by knife-wielding while police have arrested one person.

Former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is also present in London for treatment these days, and the attack took place while he was going to a hospital near London Bridge for check-up.

Due to this incident, the police closed roads on the side of which Nawaz Sharif could not reach the hospital and returned home on the way.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Westminster after a report of the incident, where he was briefed on the situation.

According to British media, the patrolling of police has been increased throughout London since the incident, while the transport network also increased the police officers.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says some of those injured in the knife attack are in critical condition, while US President Donald Trump has offered Britain all kinds of help.

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