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Bilawal Bhutto lashes out on PTI Government in Muzaffarabad Jalsa

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in his address to the People’s Party’s establishment Jalsa in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Kashmir, warned Prime Minister Imran Khan that Imran Khan, Listen, Asif Ali Zardari laid the foundation of Pak-China Economic Transit Project and we will not ALLOW you to take u-turn on this project.

Government even don’t know how to protect the CPEC. We won’t let it become controversial. He said that since the government came no sector had not risen. The government had to be rescued and the selectors had to be sent home. Fail, foreign policy failures and politics fail.

Bilawal said that it is highly probable that the entire government could not properly create a notification within three months. He added that those who could not form a notice, how would they create a consensus in the House in six months on the issue? How can those who have not passed a single law in a year?

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