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Case filed against the woman who misbehaved with Traffic police

Case has been filed against the woman who was shouting on the traffic police. Yesterday, a lady who didn’t follow the signal was stopped by the police where she misbehaved with the traffic police and called them older and worth two pennies. She said all you need is begging all the time when she was challaned on breaking the law.

A part from that she loudly bad mouthed them, cursed them but right after her video went viral along with the number plate of car and her face she became talk of the town on social media.

The Twitterati’s started to demand to file case against her as she broke the law and shouted on the policemen. People tagged the post to the higher police officials to look into the matter.

One user commented that

”Unacceptable indeed the way she talks. Be it a policeman or anyone. Pathetic.
But we also need to realise how did we get to this condition where public servants and policemen are not respected by citizens.
Our first impression of them is corruption and unnecessary harassment”

The case has been registered against the lady.
Here is the video of the lady .

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