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Twitter Decided To Delete Inactive Accounts

Twitter users are warned that if they haven’t used their account for the last 6 months, it will be closed after December 11.

The social site Twitter has announced that all accounts that have not been logged in for the last 6 months will be deleted, including accounts of users who have passed away.

The company has taken an updated privacy policy to make Twitter more credible and highlight the importance of micro-blogging sites by shutting down inactive accounts.

A Twitter company spokesperson on deleting unused accounts says that Twitter accounts that have not been in used for 6 months have been added to the list of dormant accounts.

The spokesperson says the termination of the dormant accounts will strengthen consumer confidence on Twitter, and those who consider it unimportant will realize its importance.

According to the Twitter spokesperson, the process of deleting dormitory accounts will be first initiated by users outside the United States.

According to the Twitter company, users have been given delays until December 11 next month before deleting accounts, so that users who are careless about using Twitter or are not using fake accounts to be cautious.

In addition, according to the company, the termination of the dormitory accounts will begin from December 11, but later accounts will be revised, which are logged but have no activity.

Company officials say the move will force consumers to keep their accounts active and encourage them to comply with the privacy policy.

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