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PM Imran Khan attends consultation meeting with Army Chief General Bajwa

An important consultation meeting under the supervision of PM Imran Khan in Islamabad has ended, sources said, adding that extension case of the Army Chief under the Supreme Court was discussed in the meeting. It was decided at the meeting that no unconstitutional and illegal steps would be taken and the government is standing on his decision of extension of the Army Chief General Bajwa.

The Prime Minister took a briefing from the legal team during the meeting. A legal briefing was given by the legal team on the objections of the Supreme Court and a new draft was prepared in the light of the objections of the Supreme Court, which has hired prominent legal experts. The draft cabinet mentioned above is likely to be approved through a circulation summary.

In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan has called a meeting of the parliamentary party tomorrow. The meeting will be held in Parliament House tomorrow evening at 6 pm. On the other hand, credible sources regarding the news of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation said that there is no possibility of Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the nation today. Decision regarding address to nation will be done after the verdict.

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