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Pervaiz Musharraf treason case Updates

The Islamabad High Court barred the special court from delivering a secure verdict in a serious treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf.

A three-member large bench, headed by Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Athar Minullah, heard the petition against Musharraf regarding the serious treason case.

Athar Minullah remarked during the hearing that the target of the November 3 emergency was the judiciary, while the October 1999 measures have also been declared unconstitutional. Why does the government not file a separate complaint in this regard?

Additional Attorney General Sajid illyas Bhatti appeared in the court and informed the court that no decision has been made in this regard yet, the record of setting up a special court for the trial of serious treason case has been presented to the court and the chief Judicial appointments have been made in consultation with the Justice of Pakistan.

Justice Aamir Farooq said that you are saying in the petition that the setting up of a special court for the trial was not correct while you are arguing that it is not, then your request is not correct.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani remarked that after many years now you have come to know that the complaint of the federal government is not valid. ۔

He said why you have come to the court, if you have made a mistake, how will you fix it now, if you are admitting your mistake then tell the same to the relevant tribunal.

Chief Justice Athar Manullah remarked that you were saying that the application for running a treason case was wrong and the trial forum too, let us correct your mistakes.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani remarked that you say that you do not want to prosecute Musharraf, if you have made a mistake, you would have filed a new complaint and corrected your mistake.

Additional Attorney General said that the court has reserved the judgment of the special treason case against Pervez Musharraf. The judgment in the case of serious treason is reserved.

Serious treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf was to be heard by the special court on Thursday 28th November, but the Interior Ministry filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court seeking to restrain the special court’s decision, which was passed by the special court.

The high court issued a two-page ruling stopping the treason case in which the court ordered the federal government to appoint a new prosecutor in the serious treason case by December 5.

The court directed the special court to hear the decision of all the parties and gave remarks that a fair trial in the treason case should be ensured.

The High Court has also dealt with the request of Pervez Musharraf’s lawyer Salman Safdar that Salman Safdar can assist Musharraf’s lawyer on behalf of the state if he wants.

The court has said that the reasons for the decree stopping the judgment of treason case will continue later.

During the hearing yesterday, Chief Justice Athar Minullah remarked that Pervez Musharraf is fugitive in this case, but every accused has the right to a transparent trial.

The court adjourned the hearing for one day and ordered the secretary ministry to appear before the law and justice with all relevant records.

The special court had to hear the verdict in the special treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf on Thursday, November 28.

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