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PM Imran Khan meets Queen Maxima of Netherland

PM Imran Khan and Queen Maxima of the Netherland attended the ceremony in connection with the financial initiatives under the Ehsas program, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands said that the Ehsas Program is a good initiative by the Government and empowering women from the program. She said that only 7% of women in Pakistan have bank accounts. Women need financial assistance for playing their role in national development.

She further said that women have to be equipped with digital technology. She said that only 33% of women in Pakistan have mobile. At the end of the program, every woman will have her own bank account. The Prime Minister is taking personal interest to implement the program.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the reason for my coming into politics was social work. Addressing the function of the financial measures under the Ehsas program, Imran Khan said that all facilities in the society are for the rich. He said that the state of Madinah was the first welfare state in the history of the world, which for the first time gave rights to orphans and widows.

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