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Head of Iran’s revolutionary guard threats USA

TEHRAN: The head of the Iranian revolutionary guard has threatened to destroy the United States and its allies if they cross the Redline.

Speaking at a rally in the capital Tehran, General Hossain , addressing a rally in the capital, Tehran, said that if the US and its allies crossed Iran’s redline, we will destroy them.

The head of the Revolutionary Party also accused the United States, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia of spreading unrest and said that many of these elements were killed by Iranian forces.

General Hossain Salami said that we have shown patience while also showing patience in front of US, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s anti-Iran measures but if the US and its allies cross our redline, we will destroy them.

According to the Arab news agency, thousands of people were present at the rally, which hoisted the Iranian flag and shouted slogans against the US and Israel, while some participants also burned American flags.

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