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We want to head towards a clean and green Pakistan with youth’s help, PM Imran Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we have chosen the wrong way towards life and now we have to correct our qiblah but now we will make Pakistan the country that the whole world will give an example of Pakistan.

Addressing the Clean and Green Pakistan Index event in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on environmental pollution and said that you cannot breathe in Lahore today, there are dangers to the lives of the elderly and children from the conditions there. Pollution has reached its limit, it is a silent killer, we do not know how many people have fallen prey to it.

He said that we used to consider Delhi as the most polluted country where people have very bad conditions but in Lahore it is worst as the trees are being cut, 70% of Lahore’s trees have been cut in 10 years. We have also started dumping  sewage in our rivers where people used to drink water .

The Prime Minister said that no government can clean the country alone, the elected people should be part of it, young people also participate in clean and green Pakistan. The government has its full attention, we are not cherishing this blessing of Pakistan and when we will appreciate this, then Pakistan will produce gold for us.

Imran Khan said that we are bringing the best local bodies system in the history of Pakistan. We do not have government in Sindh but we will tell them if they have to make progress then they will have local body system without this system, there will be no progress.

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