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NAB Orders freeze of Shahbaz Sharif’s industries in Assets Beyond Mean Case

In the assets beyond case, NAB has issued orders to freeze various industries of the Sharif family. According to details, NAB Lahore has issued orders against the Shahbaz Sharif family to freeze various industries in the assets beyond mean cases. Orders were issued by DG NAB Lahore and Implementation is strongly recommended.

According to sources, orders from NAB Lahore have been issued to the SECP and Sharif family members as well as their financial advisors. Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Salman Shahbaz, and Nusrat Shahbaz will not be entitled to profit from their frozen industries in the future.

The industries frozen by NAB include Chiniot Energy Limited, Ramadan Energy, Sharif Dairy and Crystal Plastics, and other mills include Al Arabiya, Sharif Malik Products, Sharif Feed Mills, Ramadan Sugar Mills and Sharif Poultry. In this regard, the NAB has issued orders for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Sharif family, as well as their financial advisors.

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