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Sindh Government Wants the Grant Back From Former Hockey Player

Former Olympian and hockey superstar Islah ud din kept the 200 million grant which was received from Sindh government to be spent on the players in the bank from 2014 instead of spending Rs 200 million on the players and  to promote Pakistan’s national sport.

The former Olympian is the founder and chairman of the MA Shah islahuddin Academy, located in North Nazimabad, Karachi. The purpose of the academy was to prepare players for returning Pakistan to its lost place in the field of hockey.

It is worth mentioning here that during the last five years, the national team has been swamped with failures in the international rankings of hockey and despite the huge amount of Rs. 200 million received by Islahuddin Academy, he could not spend on promotion of hockey.

Upon knowing of the matter, the Sindh Government’s Department of Sports demanded a correction a few months ago through an audit report on the use of money from Islahuddin.

In response to a letter regarding the audit report of the money in the name of Islahuddin, the chairman of the academy replied to the government that if he had not used the money yet, what would the audit be? In his response, the former Olympian informed the government that he was planning to use the money right now.

However, the government could not be satisfied with the response of the founder and chairman of MA Islahuddin Academy and the Sindh Sports Secretary Imtiaz Ali Shah in a letter dated October 24 has asked for Grants to be returned including interest.

The provincial secretary said that the Sindh government provided a lucrative amount of Rs 2 crore, justifying Ishahuddin, who ruled the hockey horizon for the promotion of national sports despite poor financial conditions, but he wasted five years and saved in the bank.

In the context of this situation, he said, no more time can be wasted by relying on the response of the former Olympian.

MA Shah Islahuddin Academy News about the accommodation and facilities of the players continued to be reported in the media but the academy was reluctant to use this money for unknown reasons and could not produce quality players.

Sources say that Islahuddin has agreed to return the money, considering the seriousness of Sindh government’s demand for a refund, Academy Chairman Islahuddin is about to announce the return of the grant in a couple of days and the crores of rupees. Grants are being returned to Sindh government without spending on players.

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