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Nawaz Shareef will have to face the contempt of court case: Attorney General Pakistan

Islamabad: Attorney General of Pakistan Anwar Mansoor Khan has said that if Nawaz Sharif does not return home, a contempt of court case will be proceeded against him and no future court will give him relief.

Talking to Aamir Zia, the host of the news program Agenda Pakistan, Attorney General Pakistan Anwar Mansoor Khan said that the court order stated that the court had decided on two aspects of the federal cabinet on the issue of Nawaz Sharif going abroad. So the court accepted, however, the cabinet ordered the submission of a guarantee, but the court had asked for a guarantee of Rs 7 billion instead.

He said that the federal cabinet also sought a guarantee and the court has also taken a guarantee. Shahbaz Sharif has guaranteed Nawaz Sharif will return and if Nawaz Sharif does not return, then there will be a contempt of court charge while he will not be honest and trustworthy.

Anwar Mansoor Khan said that if Nawaz Sharif did not return home there would be an attempt to bring them back from London even before there were instances of bringing the culprits abroad.

He said no one got as much relief as the PML-N leaders did, while it was the first instance in the country that a criminal was allowed to go out for treatment.

The Attorney General said that the decisions that are made for politicians are not made for the common man. In the country, even prisoners suffering from chronic disease are not guaranteed. We will try to provide relief to those who have no question in the light of the judicial decision.

He said that the renowned personality of our country Dr Asim Hussain was granted bail in a year and a half for treatment and the common man does not know how long it will take for bail.

Aamir Zia said that despite the Nawaz Sharif case,  Imran Khan’s tone against the opposition remains intact, Nawaz Sharif’s permission to go abroad has frustrated PTI leaders and workers. Questions are being raised in the country whether there is a separate law for each class.

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