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Pakistan, China to work on 4 oil and gas projects

As due to CPEC we have heard that there will a lot of chinese Investment comes in Pakistan .These four oil and gas projects will a glimpse of the investment that is coming in Pakistan in future days.

Top official sources told The News International on Wednesday that under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework, among several projects that were discussed at the experts’ level, following were recommended to be considered, in the first instance, for early implementation under CPEC.

It included finalization of feasibility study on South North Gas Pipeline Project by Power China International Group of Companies; upgradation of Pakistan Refinery Ltd Karachi; coal to Liquid Engineering Plant based on Thar Coal at Thar Sindh; and both sides appreciated the concept to include Thar Block-VI for Coal gasification to Fertilizer projects under CPEC and desired to undertake a feasibility study for further evaluation.

The CPEC would lead Pakistan to be one of the stablest economy in future as the $60 billion CPEC  key project of Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative that aims to connect Asia, Africa and Europe through a vast network of highways, rail lines and sea lanes.

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