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PML-N has decided to resign from the Standing Committees

LAHORE: (PML-N): In the Punjab Assembly, PML-N has decided to resign from the Standing Committees.

The PML-N will submit its resignation to the Standing Committees on Thursday at 10 am in the Chamber of the Punjab Assembly.

Sources say that 100 members of the N-League are members of the Assembly Steering Committees, out of which 97 members have reached the N-League, the remaining 3 members will reach the N-League very soon.

It is reported that the PML-N is protesting the resignation of the Standing Committees despite the non-issuance of production orders by other leaders including Khawaja Saad Rafique.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) is protesting against Hamza Shahbaz for not making him chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Be clear that members are resigning on the issue of Hamza Shahbas Sharif.

They demanded Hamza Shahbas to be chairman of PAC.

PMLN members will submit their resignations in chamber of Punjab Assembly Speaker.

There are 100 members of standing committees from PMLN.

PMLN has received the resignations of 97 members.

Be clear that opposition leader of Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz did not get the chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee.

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