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Balochistan University Students Must Wear Uniforms From Now Onwards

Balochistan University students to wear uniforms from now onwards.

According to a notification issued by the University Registrar, all students must wear specific uniforms, which will be applied from March 1st next year.

The purpose of making uniforms compulsory at the university is to prevent the entry of unrelated people.

According to the University Registrar, students will not be allowed to enter the University without uniform from March 1st.

According to the notification, uniforms for students will be available at a specific garment shop where they must purchase and wear.

It may be recalled that last month at the University of Balochistan, the disclosure of video scandal and blackmail also came out against which, including parents, students and student organizations protested in Quetta city which is still ongoing.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Javed Iqbal, quit his post as a result of the protest.

But the protesting students and teachers have demanded that the protest will be continued till the arrest of the former Vice Chancellor Balochistan University.

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